Yurt for 4/5 persons                         Yurt for 2/3 persons
        1 night                                            120€                                                                         60€
        2 nights                                          240€                                                       120€
        3 nights                                           320€                                                               160€
        4 nights                                           400€                                                                        200€
        5 nights                                           480€                                                                        240€
        6 nights                                          560€                                                                        280€
        7 nights                                           640€                                                                     320€


The fact remain on the site of Les yourtes de Domette, constitutes acceptance of the provisions of these rules and the commitment to comply. 
1 - Everyone is obliged to refrain from any action which could affect the cleanliness, hygiene or appearance of the property. 
2 - Waste must be disposed of in the bins provided to you. 
3 - It is forbidden to smoke in yurts, the local health unit. 
4 - We ask you to pay particular attention, in respect of the site, plants, trees, fruits, dog house, equipment available to you and its users. 
5 - towels, sheets, magazines and other materials remain the property of "Yurts of Domett. 
6 - You should carry a liability insurance or insurance Resorts. 
It is the customer to ensure, the yurts Domett disclaim any responsibility for theft, fire, bad weather ... and incidents relating to the liability of the customer. The customer will void the Les yourtes de Domette for damage caused by falling branches, pine cones, bad weather, natural disasters, in case of burglary, break glass ... 
7 - The yurts are located in the heart of the forest, and near the Var. Children are the sole responsibility of their parents. 
8 - Tenants are responsible for their goods and materials. 
9 - Children under 14 years should not be left alone on the property or in yurts in the absence of their parents. 
10 - It is strictly forbidden to light fires, as well as lighting a barbecue. 
11 - The animals must be tattooed, vaccinated against rabies. And have a vaccination record to date. 
12 - Swimming: Minors must be accompanied by their parents who bear the exclusive supervision. Management and its employees disclaim any responsibility for accidents during bathing. 
13 - Visitors: having been authorized by Domette, visitors may be allowed on site but under the responsibility of yourteurs. They can spend the night. 
14 - Arrival time is from 4:00pm (local time yurts are ready), but you can come earlier deposit your luggage. It may be arriving after 21 hours (check with us if needed). 
15 - The yurts must be vacated by 11:00am at the end of your stay. 
16 - On his arrival, the tenant will settle the price of renting and paying the agreed upon reservation. Additional benefits will lead to the end of the stay by check or cash. We do not accept credit cards. 
17 - Any material damage will be paid more. 
18 – Les yourtes de Domette disclaim any liability for breach of these rules.


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